Brushwood Coins

Birthday Cards & Gifts

Brushwood Coins has created a new range of limited edition cards printed on linen finish quality card for celebration of special birthdays and anniversaries. The birthday cards incorporate a coin from the year of birth, and can also be customised to include the person's name and date of birth. Envelopes can also be postmarked with the person's date of birth on a stamp from the year concerned.

There are currently more than 20 designs available. Here are some examples of the card designs currently available:

Animals front Animals coin Certificate of authenticity Dragon Spring Neptune

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There is a downloadable document with the full range of card designs. (If you do not have a broadband internet connection, please be aware that it may take a while for the file to download).

As well as limited edition cards, Brushwood also design personalised birthday coin sets. For example a 21st birthday set can incorporate a coin from every year from the date of the person's birth to the 21st year. These collections can also include date postmarked stamps from the year of birth and the birthday being celebrated. An example of a 21st birthday set is shown below:

21st Birthday Set

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Brushwood also have available complete sets of coins from a single year as proof sets, and also individual proof sterling silver coins from a wide range of dates to suit all birthdays. You will find these on the other pages of this website.

There is also a low cost series of coin cards available from the Radstock Museum Shop. Further details of these can be found on the Retail Outlets page.